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02 Jun 2017

Your Lawn and Heavy Rains

It’s June and two things are certain – hurricane season is here and the next four months will bring us considerable rain. The 32566 zip code averages more than 27 inches of rainfall between June and September, more than 40% of our annual average total. Extended periods of heavy rain can stress your lawn and there are a few things you can do to help with recovery.

  •  Allow time after heavy rains for the water to fully absorb into the ground. Absorption will vary based on a number of factors, including rainfall totals.
  • During absorption, minimize foot traffic on your lawn as the turf is susceptible to damage.
  • Consider feeding your lawn. If the rainfall was high, it may have washed away much of the nutrients your lawn needs to thrive and fertilization can help with rebuilding strong roots.

Here are some of the things to look for following extended periods of heavy rain that might indicate lawn damage.

  • Thinning lawns
  • Dead patches
  • Discoloration
  • Noticeable wilting

If you are still not sure, call a professional for an analysis. Prestige Landscapes, LLC offers no obligation consultations and we’d love the opportunity to earn your business. Call us today (850) 393-1168


16 Sep 2016

TIL: The Avocado

Four Things You Didn’t Know About Avocados

It’s a fruit – and more specifically, a berry

Don’t let the green flesh and savory flavor fool you; the avocado is technically a fruit and more specifically a single-seeded berry. If you want to get even more technical, the avocado is classified as a “fleshy” as opposed to a dry fruit.

Avocados are loaded with potassium

Forget that banana – a single avocado has more than double the potassium at 975 mg.

Avocados are one of few high-protein fruits

Unlike meats, when you eat avocado all 18 of the important proteins your body needs are available to use – and it’s all good quality protein!

Avocados are packed with antioxidants and essential oils

Not only are they healthy and delicious, avocados also offer benefits to skin and hair. Use them to moisturize dry skin, soothe and treat sunburns and repair damaged hair.


18 May 2016

Transform Your Outdoor Space

Watch as HGTV transforms this California outdoor space.

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14 Mar 2016

Fertilizing Your Trees

An ISA Board Certified Master Arborist talks about the importance of tree fertilization.

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24 Jan 2016

Your Northwest Florida Lawn

Northwest Florida’s diversity in soils and climates make lawn selection very important.

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27 Nov 2015

Growing an Edible Landscape

A few tips on growing an edible landscape at home.

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