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Prestige Landscapes offers a full range of landscape lighting services to include both low voltage and line voltage installations. As a commercial property owner you do not want to let poor lighting conditions make you liable for damages in litigation. Prestige Landscapes will evaluate your site and provide solutions to illuminate potentially hazardous areas. Installing lighting focused on stairs, driveways and paths is both attractive and practical. If these areas are lumpy, cluttered or overgrown, sufficient lighting can reduce the risk of injury from slips and falls. Furthermore, it’s an effective security measure since a well-lit landscape eliminates hiding places for burglars and other predators. Once your landscape lighting installation is complete enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our annual maintenance programs.

If your business is in need of retrofit or upgrade services, Prestige Landscapes is here to help upgrade your current lighting with energy efficient solutions. Many landscape lighting systems use mercury vapor bulbs. As lighting technology has improved, new options are now available. These options provide many cost-savings as well as energy efficiency. LED lighting has become increasingly more popular and advances in LED technology continue to drive the costs of lighting down. Existing systems can be retrofit to LED and will typically use one-tenth of the energy of older technologies, saving you money over the long-term.

We handle all aspects of our customers’ commercial outdoor lighting needs. From design to installation, our services include setting and installing light timers as well as replacing bulbs. We can also install and or realign light fixtures and repair or bury below ground wires. Our landscape professionals can adjust your landscape lighting and keep plants and trees away for maximum impact and effect. We can manage and control connections including transformers and voltage settings.

Prestige Landscapes carries Alliance Outdoor Lighting line of proudcts that are known for quality and reliability, including:




















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