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Bush Hog brush mowing is the ideal choice when you need to clear property that has become overgrown with tall grasses, shrubs, plants, and small trees.  A bush hog is a large rotary mower attached to a skid steer. Because the skid steer powers bush hog mowers, they are much more powerful than traditional mowers, and can be used to clear everything from overgrown underbrush to shrubs and small tress in a very short amount of time.  Bush Hog mowers are equipped with a thick, durable blade attached to hinges, making them resistant to rocks, large stumps, and other potential hazards. Bush hog mowers can be used on rough or smooth terrain including clearing large flat lots as well as inclines and ditches. ​

At Prestige Landscapes, we provide bush hog mowing services for most every job, no matter how overgrown the property has become. Here are a few of the many bush hog services we offer:

  • Clearing vacant lots
  • Clearing lots for multi-unit residential and subdivision development
  • Clearing lots for commercial and industrial development
  • Retention ponds
  • Power line and right of way bush hog mowing
  • Commercial property bush hog mowing
  • Residential property bush hog mowing
  • Farming, fields, and pastures
  • Ditches and inclines

Navarre, Florida based Prestige Landscapes, LLC is a full service Commercial and Residential Landscaping Design, Installation and Maintenance company. ​Contact us today with any questions about our commercial and residential bush hog mowing services.


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