Fruit trees are a wonderful addition to your northwest Florida landscape -even the peach!

Thinking about planting fruit trees in your backyard? You might be surprised to find out deciduous trees, like the peach tree, have chilling requirements in order to flower and produce fruit – and that the panhandle of Northwest Florida, which receives the most chill units in the sates, allows for the greatest selection of fruit trees.

While our climate is great for growing fruit, we also need to consider the high disease pressure the peach tree has in the Florida panhandle, requiring a greater number of fungicide spays to produce high quality fruit and fend off diseases like mushroom root rot, peach scab, bacterial leaf spot and brown rot.

To be successful with peach trees consider the following factors when choosing a tree for planting:

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  • Look for “low-chill” peach trees typically in the market from April 1 to June 1
  • Optimum chilling requirements for north Florida are 350-550 units
  • Best available varieties for north Florida: Floridadawn, Floridaking, Floridacrest and Junegold

If you like the idea of picking fresh fruit off the trees in your backyard and don’t want to bother with choosing the right variety, planting, pruning, fungicides and maintenance let the pros at Prestige Landscapes take care of the work for you. Contact us today to schedule your consultation or call us for more information.