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Mowing requires the most time and labor and needs to be performed efficiently. We map out our commercial route to strategically help our crew teams maintain an efficient work flow. Mowing height and frequency play another key factor in turf health. Our mowers are set no lower than 3.5” to ensure that grass blades are cut at an optimal height. All of our mowers are set as “Mulching” mowers. This eliminates unwanted grass discharge to beds and walks and helps return nutrients to the soil where it can benefit your turf.
You cannot rely on nature to manage your turfs water requirements. While mowing higher does encourage deeper root penetration in the soil, sometimes we need to supplement water to the turf. Our water management practices help turf grass stay lush and green, especially during the hot summer months.
Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium are the three main nutrients that make a healthy lawn. To ensure proper fertilization we conduct soil tests to create a well-balanced program that is unique to your location. Turf pH levels are also found through soil testing and may warrant adjustment with lime or gypsum applications.
Our philosophy with weed control is to maintain a healthy turf and supplement if and when needed with pre and post emergent weed sprays. A dense healthy turf is your best friend when it comes to weed suppression.
Pre-emergence is used to control mostly crabgrass and rye grass and is applied in the spring. Lawns that are healthy and vigorous will naturally keep unwanted weeds from growing. Post Emergence weed sprays suppress broad-leaf weeds like dandelion and clover. May and September are best application periods when these weeds are growing vigorously. Again, dense healthy turf is our best friend to combat weeds.
Aeration is performed to solve two problems - soil compaction and thatch. Lawns naturally have compacted soil and when loosened, the roots can plunge deeper into the ground. Thatch is the buildup of dead grass material that lies between the zone of green vegetation and the soil’s surface. Over-seeding is performed with aeration to fill in bare areas of the turf and to thicken existing turf. Improved drought and disease resistant seeds are highly beneficial to incorporate into your turf. Excessive foot traffic, drought, insects and disease can all cause thin or cause weak spots in your lawn. Over-seeding each year helps fight these common issues.
Keeping turf healthy and well-maintained is the best defense again insects. In addition to keeping it healthy, we stay up-to-date on pest management trends and if needed, use the correct insecticides to manage your lawn before significant damage has been done.


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